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Limbo is organising an Art Jumble Sale at its HQ, the substation, off Margate High Street to coincide with the Art Car Boot Fair, which will take over Turner Contemporary’s Car Park.

Limbo Art Jumble Sale

To coincide with the Art Car Boot Fair

August 30 2015


David Price

July 2015

David Price moved his studio to Margate, home of the real Dreamland in 2012. 

Fascinated by the ruined remains of a resort that in its heyday had been modelled on a park of the same name in Coney Island USA, he began to draw from the infrastructure that remained and to muse upon the park as a metaphor for the degraded, fallen idealism that was once part of the ‘American Dream’.

Parks such as Dreamland, in both the USA and here in the UK once symbolised the hopes of a generation who invested their dreams in the promises of a bright Modern future in which we might all enjoy the frivolous rewards of labour and democracy.

In our current social and political climate where opportunity for betterment and achievement is increasing obstructed to those not born to them and were, by circumstances of birth, the social class is engrained more deeply into our collective consciousness - the dream of a democratic, meritocratic utopia has rusted and crumbled along with the Dreamlands built to symbolise them.

The paintings do not represent the Dreamland of Margate, which is currently enjoying a welcome and longed-for revival, but are instead inspired by an imagined idea of the theme park as an ancient ruin and are an investigation into the human need for such spaces that occupy the collective human imagination as they have always done. Price’s work privileges a choreography of architectural fragments that expose humanity’s complex relations with the built environment and renders quiet, intimate, beatific scenes with apocalyptic significance.

Price was a student at the RCA studying Printmaking between 2006 and 2009. After presenting at New Contemporaries in his last year he quickly returned to his primary practice of painting, though he still teaches Printing at Bournemouth University of the Arts. The legacy of that experience is still very much in evidence in his painting.

When a print is made, the colours are laid down separately, so that more colex tones and hues are built up over time. This practice, a consequence of necessity in many traditional print techniques, has been adapted into Price’s painting process. Each colour has been painted separately, and so that each is clear and bright, no mixing has taken place between the tube and the painting surface

In association with Art First, London

Blister Cinema

Genetic Moo

June 13 & 19 2015

An Associate Members' Project.

This June, Genetic Moo are converting LIMBO into an interactive film set.

Genetic Moo have been commissioned by Animate Projects to make a short film about inflammation. Working with scientist Dr Neil Dufton, they have created Blister Cinema: a series of interactive artworks where your body takes on the role of a human immune cell or an invading bacteria. Throughout this residency, groups of dancers, movers and shakers have been invited into Blister Cinema to generate mini-performances for film.

Between Acts

Nigel Massey

May 1 - 24 2015

LIMBO is delighted to announce an exhibition of new work by London-based artist Nigel Massey. 
Massey assembles his artworks, combining bespoke fabricated elements with repurposed objects and materials. His approach can perhaps be best understood through the polysemous word stage, which refers simultaneously to development, structure, action, and acting.

For Between Acts, Massey has prepared two complementary sets of works which develop an ongoing interest in the separation between the creative idea and the created object. This interest is not so much about how intentions differ from outcomes, but where they fuse.  

Associate Members' Show 2015

March 28 - April 19 2015

An exhibition selected from LIMBO's Associate Members by artist Adam Chodzko. 

The art works chosen followed coincidental themes of embodiment, dysfunction, geography and time, displacement and mutation, and also, necessarily, the parameters of the space.

The artists selected are:

Dan Bass, Hannah Birkett, Melissa Burn, Justin Carter, Esther Collins, Martyn Cross, Kanad Chakrabarti, Anna Katarzyna Domejko, Dexter Dymoke, Steph Goodger, Sadie Hennessy,  Andrew Hladky, Matthew Humphreys, Liam Jolly, James Kelly, Ella Lucas, Katherine Midgley, Katie McGown, Jammie Nicholas, Mildred Rambaud, Niamh Riordan, Aindreas Scholz, Loui Short, David Theobald, Charlie Tweed, Ingrid Ung, Emily Whitebread, Jonathan Wright.

Space Interrupted

Zoe Fudge, Sharon Haward & Rachel Wilberforce

February 20 - March 8 2015

In Space Interrupted, three artists present projected video and installations that span LIMBO’s project space - a former electricity substation - interrupting and overlapping its utilitarian qualities to create an assemblage of real and imagined functions and meanings. 

In the ‘interrupted’ space, a sense of cohesion and literal meaning is disrupted in favour of an unsteady mix of form and function, fixed and shadowy fragments.

Space Interrupted is part of an ongoing collaboration between artist Sharon Haward and curator Clare Sheppeard.

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