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Thanet contemporary art festival.

Margate Rocks

Whitstable Biennale ‘Violent Incident’

12-monitor piece by Bruce Nauman

and a new work by Belgium artist Leo Copers

The Substation also became a venue for Justin Carter’s Sustainable Indulgence, a solar powered portable structure for producing, preserving and distributing ice cream. In Alastair Sooke’s report for the Telegraph he describes the Substation as: “a brooding brick structure down a backstreet. To approach, you pass among bin bags tossed out of the back of adjoining fast food restaurant and squelch through small pools of orange chicken fat. The building’s interior is a revelation, a scaled-down replica of London’s Tate Modern. Recent artists to have exhibited include Bruce Nauman, the latest to take up the challenge of filling Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall..."

Conversion of Energy

An educationally based-project for the interior substation space - complementing and using Martin Richman’s light work as inspiration. Sound artist, Leo Sedgley and visual artist, Alinah Azadeh explore with eight young people from Hartsdown Technology College, Margate how Martin’s light work could be converted into a different sound and visual language. Funded by Creative Partnerships Kent.


The aim of the project was to teach how to convert energy, how to convert ideas into activity, how to transcribe one art form into another, how to analyse and interpret, how to collaborate and how to interact creatively with space. We also invited Paris based drummer, Tommy Snyder to give performances and workshops (support from Roland UK)


Martin Richman

Architectural light intervention for Substation exterior space. With Funding from ACESE and support from Dominic Berning, London. The aim of this project was to attract the public to a previously “no go” area, help make people aware of the Substation’s existence and develop audiences in the Thanet area.


Martin’s work varies from small to large-scale public art projects, private commissions, architectural interventions and design work to pieces for gallery exhibitions. Since 1990 Martin has worked on 36 major projects including the Ten Millennium Beacons for Bristol City Centre and highly commended collaboration with architect Ray Perry for Tyseley Energy From Waste Facility in Birmingham, which received an RSA award. Martin has recently collaborated with artist, Tony Cooper creating a light work for the façade of BBC Broadcasting House redevelopment in London.

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