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An Associate Member's Project

A collaboratively produced work which involved a making process suggestive of an assembly line-cum-sewing circle and which encompassed conversation, laughter and moments of silence, as well as the practised movements of hands at work.

Stitched Time 

A project initiated and organised by Clare Smith

November 14 - 23 2014

A plastic resource

Philomene Pirecki

September 27 - October 19 2014

LIMBO is pleased to present a new exhibition by London-based artist Philomene Pirecki. 

Pirecki works across painting, photography, drawing, projected image, sculpture and language. She is interested in attempts to materialise mutable experience of time and memory, and the multiple registers and perceptions of them. 

She often moves between originals and copies, re-photographing her own work to generate new and different iterations within the studio and the exhibition space, physically or conceptually referencing or re-using existing works, in part as a way to consider how they might adapt and respond to the new conditions and time that they are in. 

Pirecki’s practice addresses degrees of proximity; how images act as an analogue for memory, unpredictably accumulating, persisting, mutating or disappearing. The porous edges between her various works that get returned to, reconfigured and used as an ongoing working material over time, allow for complexity and contradiction rather than attempting to present absolutes.

A Distant, Darkened Lobby

A. M. Hanson

September 5 - 14 2014

LIMBO is please to present the first UK solo exhibition of a new work by A. M. Hanson, A Distant, Darkened Lobby: a set of interrelated installations and photographic works which recreate office atriums as 'a fragmented dreamscape' of artists' studios.



Hanson's practice focuses on the relationship between photography, performance and creative production. His early action photographs portray Leigh Bowery, Alexander McQueen and others at crucial moments in social and performative situations, with subsequent work disrupting the idea of the photographer as passive 'witness', through the creation of a set of 'photo-related' characters, one called Susan Tripod. His most recent work, initiated after a return to study at UCA in Canterbury, explores how photography might in itself 'perform', creating new sites of activity by re-framing and interpolating fragments of the world.


This current body of work spotlights the permeability of the 'real' in the information age, operating in a realm where solid objects can be thought of as projections of lifestyle fantasies, and images, whether on screen or in print, can provide an entire work or leisure environment. A Distant, Darkened Lobby takes this idea a step further, playfully proposing metropolitan offices to be fantasy-sites of creative production, and LIMBO's project space to be a hardcopy version of these corporate utopias / dystopias. Hanson has spent the last year staking-out offices and related spaces in order to "re-imagine new uses for the vast emptinesses, and to illuminate the montaged blend of structures and objects that remain, when everyone has left the buildings". In the exhibition, the photographs, principally liberated from standard modes of display, are overlaid, suspended and attached to various items of office furniture, becoming metaphors for the tools and activities of the artist's studio ' from paint-mixing to life-drawing to photo apps.


The exhibition features two short films, set to the music of Dale Cornish, who also features in one in the guise of an office voyeur turned atelier-based maker.

'Guests' 2: Escape Routes

August 2 - 24 2014

Benedict Drew invites: Angus Braithwaite, Nicholas Brooks, David Burrows, Ami Clarke,

Catriona Clayson, Matt Copson, Vera Karlsson, Rebecca Lennon, Terence McCormack,

Heather Phillipson, Laura Smith, Milo Waterfield

For ‘Guests’ 2 LIMBO has invited Whitstable and Margate-based Benedict Drew to initiate the collaboration.

The evening starts the new exhibition Escape Routes where Benedict Drew and the 12 artists (Angus Braithwaite, Nicholas Brooks, David Burrows, Ami Clarke, Catriona Clayson, Matt Copson, Vera Karlsson, Rebecca Lennon, Terence McCormack, Heather Phillipson, Laura Smith, Milo Waterfield) to completely transform the project space, recolouring the walls, darkening the room and making a range of interventions.

Punishment Park

Dylan Shipton

May 24 - June 15 2014

LIMBO is pleased to present a new commission by Dylan Shipton. Shipton works with large-scale three-dimensional structures, responding to the modernist idea of abstract painting as a hermetic practice, and engaging the gap between the artwork and the space in which it resides. In Shipton’s work there is an interplay between planned construction and improvisation, where the environment and chance events produced by the making process determine the works’ eventual forms. 


Punishment Park takes its title from Peter Watkins’ 1971 faux-documentary, in which student protesters are imprisoned by the US government (which declares a ‘state of emergency’) and coerced into running a death-race for their freedom, pursued, as part of a military training exercise, by the National Guard. By alluding to this film, Shipton is perhaps suggesting that his ‘deconstruction’ of the physical elements of painting – paint, stretcher, and support – has less to do with expanding the medium formally than exploring the possibilities of abstraction as political metaphor. Through subtle yet deliberate use of colour and simple materials, Shipton’s works suggest a redeployment of corporate and institutional demarcation – scaffold wrap hoarding, prison uniforms, dazzle camouflage - within the context of vernacular architecture. 

For the commission Shipton will respond intuitively to LIMBO’s project space, a former electricity substation. He will use rudimentary joinery to construct a large-scale sculptural drawing to actively engage the room. This intervention will take the form of a brightly coloured timber structure that appears to ricochet and reverberate around the gallery. This super-charged drawing will sit in its very own state of limbo, somewhere between renewal and decay. The structure will serve as a physical manifestation of the energy that was once created in the building, as well as pointing out the architectural idiosyncrasies of the space.

Over May and June Shipton will be working simultaneously on the exhibition at LIMBO and a test site at University for the Creative Arts Canterbury as part of a month-long residency, where he will be collaborating with staff and students from across the courses at the art college. His changing installation at UCA will be accessible to the public from 30 May, with an open discussion with Terry Perk, Gabor Stark and Ian Bottle in the space at 2.30pm on 6 June.

Associate Members’ Show 2014

March 1 - 23 2014

LIMBO is delighted to present its first annual Associate Members' Show, selected by artist Bob and Roberta Smith, and Sarah Martin, Head of Exhibitions, Turner Contemporary.

Áine Belton, Laura Bygrave, Amir Chasson, Charlie Coffey, Anna Katarzyna Domejko, Lucy Evetts,

Stacey Guthrie, Sandra Lane, Nigel Massey, Nicholas Mortimer, Jammie Nicholas, Stephen Postgate,

Mark Scott-Wood, David Theobald, Rebecca Townrow, Henna Vainio

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