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For his residency and final exhibition, Russell created an ambitious 2.5M long and 1.65M high sculpture based on the form of the human brain. The brain is the most complex organ in the human body. It produces our every thought, action, memory and feeling, and shapes the way we experience the world. For Russell Terry, the human brain is a receptacle that is much larger than its physical size and has a compulsion to create extensions for itself. As thoughts are articulated or given form they are inevitably subject to change.


Russell also worked on large-scale drawings that played on this mutation of ideas. His motifs, often conjoined and repeated in code-like sequences and kaleidoscopic patterns, suggest a network of incomprehensible complexity. The resulting imagery, both spectral and scientific in appearance, interacted with the sculpture enigmatically, relaying varying notions of origin and permanence.

Russell Terry - Artist in Residence

December 2007

Hugging for the English

November 2007

A group exhibition that transcends the boundary between the viewer and the art work to the extent that without the viewer, much of the work would remain incomplete.


Many of the works and events were inspired by various different influences from within the town itself. Whilst it is situated in present day Margate, the nostalgic past is not forgotten. The exhibition hosted a variety of events during the two weeks, beginning with the Opening Events on Saturday the 17th.


Artists: Sarah Christensen - Jodie Cooper, Dan Davies, Ben Fletcher, Victoria Foster, Lisa Hall and Siobhan McGhee.

Jungle Stow

October 2007

Like the natural jungle, Jungle Stow shifts and changes perspectives – an exhibition of complexity and evolution. Held in Limbo's storeroom where the artworks are vying for space amongst the debris of art paraphernalia, Jungle Stow initially demonstrated the work of nine artists, Adolf Adcock, Matthew de Pulford, Paul Hazelton, Catherine Herbert, Hannah Lees, Polly Read, Russell Terry, Cecile Wesolowski, and Pat Wilson. Throughout the show other artists were invited to contribute work, thereby feeding this ever-changing terrain.

Destructo Swarmbots/Action Beat/Sky:Lark

September 19 2007

Music event hosted by OUR BAND COULD BE YOUR LIFE, plus an Exhibition by the mysterious Adolf Adcock.

Hannah Lees

June - July 2007

The seaside town of Margate, the home of ‘Dreamland’, is one part shabby and redundant and the other, bright and tacky. Once a thriving town, boasting Dreamland amusement park and now reduced to penny machines and the now retired ‘Scenic Railway’ roller coaster; Margate has many endearing qualities, like a bright balloon slowly deflating to a wrinkled piece of plastic. With the proposed opening of the Turner Contemporary, perhaps this outmoded town will once again become prosperous.


Hannah Lees’ work explores the totemic potential of natural and synthetic objects in the modern world. 

Open Exhibition

May 2007

Jokes and art can put up as many barriers as they break down. Stink Bomb, which launched on 1 April (a day traditionally set aside for practical jokes, pranks and hoaxes) was a platform for artists interested in exploring humour in their work. With Stink Bomb, Limbo’s aim was to produce a show that would engage with the audiences’ sense of humour while acknowledging and exploring the way that jokes and art create the fear of being the butt of the joke or not ‘getting it’.

Margate, one of the great centres of British popular culture, leisure and humour, provided a setting for the show. One of our aims as an organisation is to connect with the culture of the area and for this show we worked with Margate’s old Joke Shop. We also worked with Christ Church University, Broadstairs Campus and The Beano Café in Margate


Featuring the following artists : Andy Birtwistle, James Bradshaw, Jason Butler, John Butterworth, Stephen Coles, Alasdair Duncan, Paul Elliot, Hannah Franklin, Michael Goodey, Helen Grundy, Susannah Hewlett, Simon Kennedy, Emma Leach, Geoff Litchfield, Chris Poolman, Abigail Riddihough, Christopher Reinhardt, Angus Sanders-Dunnachie, Mark Selby, Twinkle Troughton, Ali Truter


New Art from the EU

Turner Contemporary takes on the Substation for one year to present its programme of exhibitions introducing the work of artists from the expanded European Union. These include Latvia Girts Korps, Czech Republic Jakub Hosek, Cyprus Nikos Charalambidis and Hungary Szabolcs KissPal.

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