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Celestial Flowers - Shaun Stamp

LIMBO studio holder Shaun Stamp will be presenting his photographic project Celestial Flowers at Kreativ House Gallery, curated by Lee Cavaliere.

The series consists of large-scale photographs of twelve flowers, each attributed to a sign of the zodiac. 12 Celestial Months was incepted while the artist spent a winter in Finland, representing the Astrology, Symbolism and mythology of the Zodiac.

The flowers are fake; sprayed with glow-in-the-dark pigment, then photographed, they play with ideas of what is real and what is not; they seem to glow but they do not, they seem real but are not. This sense of artifice, of nature, and of beauty, is at the heart of the work, and of the artist's practice.

Stamp often works across media, using sculpture, photography and performance to create environments that envelop and transport. For the opening event, harpist Nicolette Chin will play a piece from Caroline Lizotte's Suite Galactique Opus 39.

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