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Inspired by the extensive revisions, suggestions and edits made by Ezra Pound to T.S. Eliot’s manuscript of The Waste Land, Nothing from Nothing was a fleeting, collaborative residency examining editing as a creative process. Over the course of one weekend in April 2018, ten professional artists came together in Margate, the area where Eliot himself found inspiration for the seminal poem.

Nothing From Nothing

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About the residency

Working in pairs, the artists were assigned one of the five sections from The Waste Land. This became a starting point to which they would respond through collaborative practice. Their process and outcomes were shared with the public at LIMBO. An event which included presentations, performances, and an open format, chaired Q&A. Following the residency the artists continued to collaborate to present their work within The Waste Land Edits.

‘Nothing from Nothing’ was a collaborative project organised by Claire Orme and Sophie Dixon

Many thanks to: Dr Ian Jones, Billie Penfold, LIMBO gallery, Flat38, and all the residents who so generously contributed throughout the project.


This activity is part of a bigger programme of events responding to The Waste Land, running in parallel with Journeys with ‘The Waste Land’ at Turner Contemporary.

The Waste Land Edits

The Waste Land Edits were designed by the residents following the residency. Please take a look at these traces from each collaborative journey.

1. The Burial of the Dead / Claire Orme & Rebecca Truscott-Elves

2. A Game of Chess / Sara Trillo & Masa Weeb

3. The Fire Sermon / Maxence Effantin & Dan Scott

4. Death by Water / Sophie Dixon & Mai Spring

5. What the Thunder Said / Susan Fletcher & Alex Noble

LIMBO, 2 Bilton Square, Margate, CT9 1EE      

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