Ampersand/ Weltausstellung/ Zolan Quobble


Improvised music/noise

Saturday 18 June 2011, 8pm

Tickets: £3.00


South London based noise experimentalists Ampersand return to the Substation on 18 June to collaborate for an improvised live recording with German self-proclaimed non-musicians Weltausstellung and Agit-poet Zolan Quobble


After playing the at the Substation in 2010, Ampersand found that the sound and aesthetic of the Substation's main industrial chamber perfectly complimented their performance, which employed the reverberating sounds of similarly industrial objects, including scaffolding poles and piano carcasses. They determined to return to the space to record, this time inviting collaborators to expand and adulterate the performance, which will be captured for release later in the year.


Tickets for this seated event will cost £3.00. They can be reserved by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ampersand formed in 2001 in South London, taking influence from This Heat, Throbbing Gristle and Stockhausen. While they are interested in the sounds of 80's industrial experimentalists such as Einstürzende Neubauten, their approach is different; fully improvised and incorporating the serial 'misuse' of various equipment and heavy machinery.


Weltausstellung was formed in 2003 as an association of experimental sound and visualartists, film-makers, turntableists, anti-composers exploring the possibilities of sound-objects/soundroom and studio-technicians in Dusseldorf


By trial and error they test electroacoustic real-time composition / improvisation, ever changing concepts of sound explorationand non-logical compositional ideas.


Weltausstellung creates video-films, sound-room installations and so called music (sound for films, sound happenings, studio-sessions, concerts and several cdr-productions).


Considering early experimental electronic music, happening/fluxus and musique concrete as background, the music that's made by Weltausstellung can be described as electroacoustic anti-style rebellion. The group has presented their unsettled ideas in galleries, museums, theatres and art-or media-festivals.


Zolan Quobble is a lactose intolerant Milkman, Undertaker's Assistant, Yellow Van Man, Ditch Digger, Mosaicist, Fordham Park Festival Co-Founder, Deptford Kite Managing Editor, Irrigation Worker, Singer with One True Dog, Bookkeeper, Pre-Apples-&-Snakes Performance Poet and Meter Reader, who has performed in the hold of an old Fish Factory Ship in Amsterdam and into the ear of someone who looked like death on the evening of October 31st. He has recently brought out his second book of poems (this one includes a CD) The Tooth Agenda with Eatlatinandie. The book is wondrously illustrated by Dave Eyre of Books of Secrets using stills from his animations.


Zolan Quobble is a frequent performer at Hugh Metcalfe´s Klinker Club and Sibyl Madrigal´s Boat Ting see , and .


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