A Sense of Place &

Hubris Nemesis Catastrophe

Sharon Haward  

Melissa Burn

Saturday, 10 December 2016

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Between Acts

Nigel Massey website image

Nigel Massey

2 - 24 May 2015


Open Fri-Sun,  12-5pm, or by appointment

Private View 1 May, 6-9pm




Supported by Grants for the Arts and Kent County Council 



Jumble Sale

Limbo jumble web 2

To coincide with the Art Car Boot Fair

Sunday 30th August 2015, 12pm – 5pm


Associate Members' Show 2015

Selected by Adam Chodzko

Loui Short Two Boys 2015 loui short

Dan Bass, Hannah Birkett, Melissa Burn, Justin Carter, Esther Collins, Martyn Cross,

Kanad Chakrabarti, Anna Katarzyna Domejko, Dexter Dymoke, Steph Goodger, Sadie Hennessy,

Andrew Hladky, Matthew Humphreys, Liam Jolly, James Kelly, Ella Lucas, Katherine Midgley,

Katie McGown, Jammie Nicholas, Mildred Rambaud, Niamh Riordan, Aindreas Scholz

Loui Short, David Theobald, Charlie Tweed, Ingrid Ung, Emily Whitebread, Jonathan Wright.


Private View 27 March 6-9pm

Open 28 March – 19 April 12-5pm Fri-Sun


Selector's talk with Adam Chodzko

19 April 3pm

Image © Loui Short, 2014


Supported by Grants for the Arts and Kent County Council


Associate Members' Projects

Blister Cinema

Genetic Moo Tracer 2015

Genetic Moo

13 & 19 June, 2015


Family Open Day: Sat 13 June, 10am-4pm

Closing Party: Fri 19 June, 6-9pm


Free entry, all welcome!





An Associate Member's Project,  part of Silent Signal, an Animate Projects commission supported by the Wellcome Trust.





Price Carousel 50x40cm WEB

David Price


Private Views:

Thursday 16th July 6 - 9pm

Saturday 18th July 12 - 4pm

Opening times:

July 17th, 24th, 25th, 31st and August 1st, 2015 or by appointment


In association with Art First, London




Space Interrupted

Space Interrupted Website

Zoe Fudge, Sharon Haward & Rachel Wilberforce

20 February - 8 March 2015


Open Fri-Sun,  12-4pm

Private View: Thurs 19 February, 6-9pm


'Point and Shoot' Workshop

Led by Sharon Haward and Rachel Wilberforce

24 January, 12 & 3pm 


In conversation, with Mark Waugh

8 March, 2pm


Supported by Grants for the Arts, Blaze Neon and Kent County Council Members' Grants



Associate Members' Projects

Stitched Time 


A project initiated and organised by Clare Smith

14 Nov - 23 Nov, 2014


Exhibition Open Fri-Sun, 12-5pm

Preview: Fri 14 November 2014, 6-9pm





An Associate Member's Project


Supported by Grants for the Arts




A plastic resource


Philomene Pirecki

27 September - 19 October 2014


Open Fri-Sun,  12-5pm, or by appointment

Private View 26 Sept, 6-9pm


Late opening Fri 10 Oct until 8pm




Supported by Grants for the Arts and Kent County Council 



A Distant, Darkened Lobby


A. M. Hanson

5-14 September 2014


Open 6-7 & 11-14 Sept,  12-5pm

Private View: Fri 5 September, 6-9pm



'Guests': 2

Escape Routes


Benedict Drew invites: Angus Braithwaite, Nicholas Brooks, David Burrows, Ami Clarke,

Catriona Clayson, Matt Copson, Vera Karlsson, Rebecca Lennon, Terence McCormack,

Heather Phillipson, Laura Smith, Milo Waterfield

2-24 August 2014


Open Fri-Sun,  12-5pm

Private View: Fri 1 August, 6-9pm



Supported by Grants for the Arts and Kent County Council



Punishment Park


Dylan Shipton

24 May - 15 June 2014


Exhibition at LIMBO

Open Fri-Sun,  12-5pm, or by appointment

Private View 23 May, 6-9pm


Residency at UCA Canterbury

Open to the public from 30 May

Talks and events TBA




Supported by Grants for the ArtsKent County Council and University for the Creative Arts



Associate Members’ Show 2014

Selected by Bob and Roberta Smith and Sarah Martin


Áine Belton, Laura Bygrave, Amir Chasson, Charlie Coffey, Anna Katarzyna Domejko, Lucy Evetts,

Stacey Guthrie, Sandra Lane, Nigel Massey, Nicholas Mortimer, Jammie Nicholas, Stephen Postgate,

Mark Scott-Wood, David Theobald, Rebecca Townrow, Henna Vainio

1 - 23 March 2014


Open Fri-Sun,  12-5pm

Private View: Fri 28 February, 6-9pm



Supported by Grants for the Arts and Kent County Council



LIMBO Associate Members' Show Prizewinner: Nigel Massey


We are very pleased to announce that Nigel Massey has been awarded the first Associate Members’ Show Prize.

The Prize – a solo exhibition at LIMBO in 2015 – is awarded by LIMBO’s exhibitions team to one of the artists our annual Associate Member’s Show. This year sixteen artists were selected from the Associate Membership for the show by our two guest judges: artist Bob and Roberta Smith, and Sarah Martin, Head of Exhibitions, Turner Contemporary. 


Dissecting the Exploding Whale


Jessica Sarah Rinland

5-27 October 2013


Open Fri-Sun,  12-5pm

Private View 4 October, 6-9pm




Supported by Grants for the Arts and Kent County Council



Escape the Esplanade


Kate Hawkins

27 July - 18 August 2013


Open Fri-Sun,  12-5pm

Private View/ LIMBO's 10th Birthday Party: Fri 26 July, 6-9pm




Supported by Grants for the Arts and Kent County Council



'Guests': 1

Big Dinner


Julia Crabtree & William Evans, Matthew Darbyshire, James Kelly, Erik Larsson, Sung Yeon Lim,

Milou van der Maaden, Robert Rivers, Aimee Sawicki, Tara Tate, Henna Vainio

27 April - 19 May 2013


Open Fri-Sun,  12-5pm

Private View: Fri 26 April, 6-9pm



Supported by Grants for the Arts and Kent County Council



Pot Luck #7


Organsised by Accidental Collective

New Commission by Marcia Farquhar

Performers: Peter Morton, Amy Godfrey, Amelia Beavis-Harrison, pestiferous, Lucille Teppa


Saturday 23 March 2013, 7pm

Tickets £6/5 - on sale from March 11

Image © stvcr

Supported by Kent County Council and Grants for the Arts





Pavilion  Sophie Yetton + Gabriel Birch

films by Mary Hurrell, Helene Kazan, Linda Persson, Thomas Lock, Mirza&Butler and Richard Whitby

2- 10 March 2013


Open Fri-Sun, 12 – 5 pm

Private View: 1 March,  6-9pm


Supported by Kent County Council


Elective Affinities


Alma Tischler Wood

15 February 2013 - [workshop fully subscribed]



Lichens | Dawn Hunger | Clay Gold | Ekoda Map


Live Music

Thur 18 October 2012

7:00-10:45 pm


Organised by Our Band Could Be Your Life Promotions





Margate PhotoFest 3 at LIMBO:


James Bullen, Shirley Read, Martin Argles, Sian Bonnell, Simon Norfolk, Valentine Schmidt, Future

Youth Project, No Thames Airport Artists Group, Photobookshow


11-12 August 2012


Open 11am - 5pm

Photosocial Event:  Forts Cafe, 11 August, 7.30pm 


Other MPF Events at: Crate, Pie Factory and Harbour Arm Gallery 


MPF3 website


Read more about MPF 3 at LIMBO


Close to Darkness


Edda Jones and Russell Burden

21- 24 June 2012


Open daily from 3 – 8 pm

Private View: 21st June 2012 at 6pm


Supported by Grants for the Arts


Ampersand | Weltausstellung | Citalopram| Neverest Songs A/V Set


Live improvisation/noise

Fri 1 June, 2012

7.30 - 11 pm

Tickets £5/£4.50 advance



To Pay Respect to the Generosity of the Three-Minute Punk-Rock Song


Vito Acconci, Black Argos, David Blamey, José Arnaud-Bello, Sovay Berriman, Don Celender, Loz Chalk, Rob Chavasse, Adam Chodzko, Patrick Coyle, David Cross, Anthony Gross, S Mark Gubb, David Hall, Rose Kallal, Adam Knight, Frank Koolen, John Latham, Jamie Bracken Lobb, Elizabeth McAlpine, Julie McCalden, Ronan McCrae, David Martin, Nelson Melo and Carolina Rito, Suzanne Mooney, Lawrence Norfolk and Neal White, Graham Parker, Laurence Payot, Anthony Shapland, Barry Sykes, Aron Taylor, Sue Tompkins, Gavin Turk, Mark Aerial Waller, Neal White, Carey Young + more


Opens: 19 November - 18 December 2011, Friday - Sunday, 12 00 - 18 00

Preview Party: 18 November 2011, 18 00 - late


Events (Curated by LIMBO's Jim Lockey):

18 November 18 00 - Late: Opening Party and T-Shirt Sale

29 November 18 30: Andrea Schlieker Talk

2 December 19 00: Magnets Gig

10 December 19 00: Ensemble, Andrew Cross


Click here for more information on the events programme. 


This November and December LIMBO's project space will co-host To Pay Respect To The Generosity Of The Three-Minute Punk-Rock Song, the fourth exhibition organized by Toby Huddlestone as part of his Exhibition as Medium programme for Crate, LIMBO’s neighbouring artist-led organisation.


This will be a large-scale group show spanning both organisations’ galleries and the outside space between them. An events programme curated by LIMBO will run during the programme. 


Click here for more information on the exhibition


Exhibition as Medium is supported by Kent County Council Arts Investment Fund and Grants for the Arts

Reid Dudley-Peirson


Beta –The Sounds of New Life

With special thanks to Hannah Dudley- Peirson

Curated by Danielle Gilbert

Preview and performance: Sat 5 Nov 2011, 18 00 - 21 00

Open: 5-10 November 2011

Sun 18 00 - 21 00, Closed Mon, Tues 12 00 - 17 00, Weds 12 00 - 17 00, Thurs 10 00 - 16 00

Beta – The Sounds of New Life is a collaborative project between Reid and Hannah Dudley-Peirson which aims to explore the sonification of ‘new life’ through a multichannel audio installation. In sound art, the process of sonification involves ‘many different components that can be altered to change the user's perception of the sound, and in turn, their perception of the underlying information being portrayed.’1


Reid and Hannah have used this process to explore the initial stages of our biological development by experimenting with ultrasound equipment, new technologies and innovative computer software. 


A live performance will take place on Saturday 5 November at 19 00 at Limbo's Project Space to celebrate the opening of the show. All are welcome to attend.



Margate Photo Festival 2011 at LIMBO: @earth


Peter Kennard

13-14 August 2011, 10 30 -16 30


Peter Kennard presents @earth, a new installation based on the book-work of the same name he developed in collaboration with Tarek Salhany. To find out more about @earth, click read more...


Margate Photo Festival takes place yearly in Margate across a number of venues. It comprises commissioned works and works selected from an open call. The theme of this year’s festival is ‘Organic’.


See for further information.



Ampersand/ Weltausstellung/ Zolan Quobble


Improvised music/noise

Saturday 18 June 2011, 8pm

Tickets: £3.00


South London based noise experimentalists Ampersand return to the Substation on 18 June to collaborate for an improvised live recording with German self-proclaimed non-musicians Weltausstellung and Agit-poet Zolan Quobble.


After playing the at the Substation in 2010, Ampersand found that the sound and aesthetic of the Substation's main industrial chamber perfectly complimented their performance, which employed the reverberating sounds of similarly industrial objects, including scaffolding poles and piano carcasses. They determined to return to the space to record, this time inviting collaborators to expand and adulterate the performance, which will be captured for release later in the year.


Tickets for this seated event will cost £3.00. They can be reserved by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Werner Zellien


Metaphysical Margate: A Photographic Exhibition

Private View: 28 May 2011, 14 00 – 16 00

Special evening event: Saturday 18 June, 8pm


What is the real Margate? Is it the old glories of the famous seaside resort? Is it the new dream of cultural regeneration? Or did we glimpse the real Margate in-between the old and the new?


In 2004 Werner Zellien was commissioned by the architects Snohetta and Spence to provide photographic documentation of the development of their original, controversial proposal for the Turner Contemporary building in Margate. He arrived that winter to take establishing pictures. As the project costs of the proposed building spiralled, Snohetta and Spence's work was cancelled, with Zellien's commission. This left a selection of images of the town's empty spaces, loaded with a sense of what it had been and what it might become.



Art Lands On Alien Landscape


Live Art/Print Programme

Sean Ashton, Lesley Hall, Emma Leach, Stephen McNeilly, Frog Morris, Jessica Voorsanger,

Mark Aerial Waller

The weekends of April 30 – May 15 2011

Following Dead Season - Live Art and occurring during Turner Contemporary’s opening season, Limbo’s new programme of live and time sensitive works Art Lands On Alien Landscape discusses the idea of alienation, looking at how regeneration interacts with (or perhaps stands apart from) the historical identity of a location.



Mark Aerial Waller


Superpower – Dakar Chapter + Music intervention from Moogie Wonderland

19 00,  April 30 2011, Substation


Shot in the Senegalese capital of Dakar, West Africa, Superpower - Dakar Chapter (2004) is a science-fiction documentary set amidst the aesthetic and cultural logic of an African Modernist cityscape. The film follows three astronomers, played by local TV soap stars, as they prepare for a futuristic event which is about to become real. An introductory passage to the film presents Jack Horknelmer from the internet show Star Gazers TV, who provides the insights into the constellation 'Orion the Hunter' and light travel, (key astronomic information underpinning the film). Stuart Comer, Curator at Tate Modern, London comments, 'By jamming multiple time streams and technical formats he stages elliptical psychological landscapes in which fantasy and documentary become almost interchangeable'.


For its showing as part of Art Lands On Alien Landscape, Waller has created a new ending for the piece that slowly morphs the viewers experience from one of viewing something to being part of a live music event. Mark has created a special playlist of songs that picks up upon the themes of the film, and these will be mixed and expanded upon with a DJ set by Kent based visual arts and music outfit Moogie Wonderland.



Stephen McNeilly 


Definitions of Concepts Towards a Philosophy of Alienation

Saturday 14 May 16 00 


Through a mix of performance and digitally-transferred Super-8 film, Stephen McNeilly will  further his Definitions of Concepts Towards a Philosophy of Alienation, which were introduced in his contribution to the Art Lands On Alien Landscape publication.


UFO Tours and Convention


Philip Yancey

Tour 2: May 14, 15 30.

(Starting at Margate Train Station, ending 16 00 at Substation)

Convention: May 15, 18 00, Substation


This Saturday, indomitable UFO expert Philip Yancey will lead his final UFO Tour from Margate Railway Station, unveiling more of Thanet’s paranormal secrets. This will be followed on Sunday by The Art Lands on Alien Landscape UFO convention. It’s a final chance to take part in Jessica Voorsanger’s STAR TREK, examine Philip Yancey’s evidence of his experiences with visitors from other worlds and be entertained by Professor Quest-Ion.


Frog Morris


The Total Destruction of Margate

May 7, 2011

12 00 Margate Sea Monster Society Meet and Greet, Margate High Street

14 00 Sea Monsters Invade Margate Beach

16 00 Finale Presentation by Margate Sea Monster Society, Substation


Bizarre and terrible sea devils! Angered by Margate’s new tourist attraction, the gods of the watery underworld have risen-up once more to wreak vengeance on the town…


In the past they destroyed Margate’s pier and burned down Dreamland. This time their algae covered fingers point to Turner Contemporary.


Only The Professor, a genius - though perhaps mad - scientist has the power to stop them and make the sea monsters change their ways. But are his intentions entirely sound, or is his goal is even more sinister than theirs: THE TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF MARGATE??!


Jessica Voorsanger



Weekends May 1-May 15, 2011 11 00 – 17 00, Substation


Jessica Voorsanger has turned part of the Substation into a TV stage-set reminiscent of the strange and often hostile planets visited by the Enterprise's crew in the original series of Gene Roddenberry's much-loved Star Trek. Visitors are invited to dress in detailed replica costumes of the famous Star Trek uniforms and act-out scenes which will be instantly recorded via a genuine replica 1960's TV studio camera and played back via monitors situated throughout the space.


Visit the Substation on weekends from May 1 to May 15 between 11 00 and 17 00 to take part.



Emma Leach


Here nor There

May 1 2011, 14 00 – 15 00, Hawley Square


For a number of years a giant news ticker was displayed on the U.S. diplomatic mission’s building on Malecon drive, Havana. Streaming news and political messages, the ticker angered the Cuban government because of the anti-socialist statements it displayed. They retaliated by erecting anti-US billboards that blocked the news ticker from view. The event titled Here Nor There explores the tit-for-tat patriotism of political enmity: Follow the movements of the ticker and a flag bearer around Hawley Square to witness this intriguing form of conflict play out and to decide, “Which message is correct?”



Esther Gonzalez & Giulia Azzini



05-06 March 2011


Esther Gonzalez (Spain) and Giulia Azzini (Italy) are artists currently taking part in the Erasmus Exchange programme at University for the Creative Arts in Canterbury. For Persona, they present an exhibition of painting, drawing, installation and video which takes as its starting point the word persona, which has a common meaning in both their languages and resonates through both artists’ personal artistic research.


Persona means ‘person’ in both Spanish and Italian. As in English, this word ‘person’ implies a human being (as in ‘chairperson’). However, the common root for both ‘person’ and ‘persona’ is the Latin 'persona', meaning "character in a drama, mask" – the word simultaneously suggests something real and false. 


The work of both these artists explores this sense of everyday life as roleplay. In Esther Gonzalez's painted portraits, a direct painterly language seems to level the distinction between celebrities and ‘common people’, while with Giulia Azzini’s installations, Foams and Mirrors, visitors are invited to play in a game of cat and mouse between the real and the represented.


The exhibition is open for two days only, 5 and 6 March, from 11 am to 5 pm. Entry is free.

UFO Sighting, Margate

Limbo Announces New Curators



Limbo is pleased to announce that its new programme curators are Jim Lockey and Katy Norton.


Jim and Katy are artists based in Kent. They began working together in 2008 by creating and editing the art magazine Duck & Cover, which is now in its 7th volume. The concerns of their combined practice have grown from a questioning of the authority of documentation, and are influenced from their separate research areas.


In 2010 Katy and Jim made a programme of works entitled The Society of The Lost Games. The project revolved around a fictional group of historians investigating an oddly familiar history through re-enactments, video, lectures, writing and pamphleture. The work was commissioned by the Creative Campus Initiative for the Cultural Olympiad, as part of a project awarded the London 2012 inspire mark.


Jim and Katy are now working with Limbo Directors Paul Hazelton and Matthew de Pulford to formulate Limbo's programme for 2011. More information to follow soon.


Katy's work can be found here:

Jim's work can be found here:

Bleeding Heart Narrative/Neverest Songs/Rough Comforts


October 15 2010, 8pm

Admission £3.50 on the door

Cheap bar 


Our Band Could Be Your Life presents a night of live music at the Substation, featuring the emotive soundscapes of Bleeding Heart Narrative, the minimal hymnal of Neverest Songs and the hushed drama of Rough Comforts. Click 'Read more...' to find out more about the bands.





30 July 2010


Between 30 July and 1 August the Substation was one of four venues that hosted MargatePhotoFest. For further information and documentation of the show click 'Read more...'


Anat Ben-David

Connecting Nothing With Nothing

March 20 2010


From Limbo's Dead Season Live Art tabloid:


What does MTV have in common with political performance art? What does 1920s German stage composer Kurt Weill have in common with feminist electro-pop group Chicks on Speed? And, what links Margate to the anti-globalisation lobby, the oil industry and the French resistance movement?


The answer: Artist Anat Ben-David.


Video Works by Harold Offeh


Short Films

March 14 2010


A selection of short film works by artist Harold Offeh.


David Leahy and Geraldo Si

March 13 2010


SichtLautTrio is a playful interaction between a musician, a dancer and a double bass. Through improvisation in music, movement and space, the performers allow the energy of each instant to fuel performances full of life, spontaneity and humour.

Harold Offeh

Margate's First Beaux Arts Ball

March 13 2010


From Limbo's Dead Season Live Art tabloid:


Thanks to Harold Offeh, Margate will be holding its First Beaux Arts Ball – an event where participants will be given the chance to dress-up as their favourite buildings from the town, before parading along the Seafront and taking part in an exhibition at the Substation...


Daniel Lehan

Shine The Light

March 06 2010


From Limbo's Dead Season Live Art tabloid: 


Join Daniel Lehan, the Human Lighthouse, on a tour around Margate’s dark and mysterious places and ask him to shine the light for you...


This Happy Band

Lighting The Wayward Ways

March 06 2010


From Limbo's Dead Season Live Art tabloid:


In the tradition of troubadours, and travelling minstrels, This Happy Band will parade around Margate, commemorating its past, and the themes of Winter Dormancy, and Glorious Resurrection with their eccentric and eclectic performances. Lord Lehan will continue into the night when he transforms himself into a human lighthouse...


Open Submission


Students' Short Films

March 06 2010


Welcome Speech - Andreas Pashias
Chip Shop - Elizabeth Rose
Traces - Elizabeth Rose
Monolith Pater - Laura Phillips
Dancing Couple - Harry Davidson
Field - Harry Davidson
Peep Show - Patricia Vidal Delgado
Cycle - James Kelly
One small leap by an Artist, one giant leap makes it Art - Charlotte Jackman
World War 2 - Hannah Kimani & Serra Tansel
The Haunted Castle - Inez De Coo
My Dreams are Made of You - Gavriella Kalafati
An Extraordinary Predicament of Matter - Rebecca Hope
Theremin - Dewi Cary
In Glasses - Andreas Pashias
Nolde's Sky - Sharon Liu
Points of Contact - James Kelly
Trimester - Kye Wilson & Helena Eflerová
Patron Saint of Womanhood - Keita Lynch
Sakura and Sex - Hannah Kimani & Serra Tansel
The Suggestion - Inez De Coo
To Dry - Claudio Rivetti

Bedwyr Williams

The Return of the Dinghy King

February 27 2010


From Limbo's Dead Season Live Art tabloid: 


"After a childishly long sabbatical the Dinghy King returns with tales of his touristic cargo cult. The Bucket and Spade Shamen from Costa Geriatrica tells of drifter dentists and drop-out opticians and the freckled bums of the Manchester navy. Colwyn Bay – Margate. Same shit different smell or is it same smell different shit?" asks Mr Williams from North Wales.


Anthony Schrag


February 20 2010


From the Dead Season Live Art tabloid:


Are you frustrated? Depressed that the Christmas season has passed? Is the economic downturn bringing you down with it?


If so, and you need to direct your feelings of disappointment and negativity somewhere constructive, Anthony Schrag has the answer. For one day only he will be your human punch-bag, because he wants to see you ‘smile and sweat’. Schrag is fed-up with culture that plays it safe and offers cerebral solutions. He is far more interested in making a direct physical connection with his audience, even if it means he ends up pinned to a wrestling mat.


Artist's Short Films


February 20 2010

Specially selected from the LUX collection


Disclaimer - Michael Curran 1993
YYAA - Wojciech Bruszewski 1973
Taxonomy (Death Stories) - Franko B 2002
Waiting For Waste - Anne Course (animation) 2000
To Be Born Through Our Own Hands - Jane Prophet 1987
Shouting Match - George Barber 2004
Prince - Ann Course (animation) 1999
I.L.Y.L.A.M.L.T.V - James Unsworth

Andrew Kötting


February 13 2010

That's The Way To Do It


12 Shooters is an experimental showreel of short films, each directed by a different artist-filmmaker, and each derived from a different work from the past 12 years of Farquhar’s practice.


Photo: Jem Finer, A production still from 'That’s The Way To Do It’ - by Andrew Kötting

Marcia Farquhar


To The Shelter

February 13 2010


 From Limbo's Dead Season Live Art tabloid:


On the late-winter afternoon of 13th February, Marcia Farquhar will be leading a short guided procession to the seaside shelter where TS Eliot sat in 1921 looking onto Margate sands. ‘I can connect/ nothing with nothing’, he wrote. Taking this as its rallying cry, Farquhar’s expedition will seek the heart of nothingness and nonsense in Margate’s bleak wintry front...


Vialka/Neverest Songs/Savlon/Tikoloshe

+ Artist's Diorama & Road Kill 'Zines and Tees

April 2009


Hosted by: Our Band Could Be Your Life Promotions.


An Art and Music show, featuring a life-size diorama inspired by the bands and fanzines & tee-shirts from Road Kill. See here for further information.


December 2008 - January 2009


An open exhibition before Christmas, in which all works were for sale at the fixed price of just £10. Any works unsold before Christmas were reduced to £5 for a January Sale re-opening.

Ghost Ships


Paintings and Objects by Bryan Hawkins

November 2008


The ships that can be seen from Margate Sands come and go, like ghosts. Their lights flicker at night. The images and emotions they evoke and the stories, understandings, memories and dreams that might be woven around them resonate and sparkle. These ships float in our vision and at a distance from land, home, and from our direct physical experience of their weight bulk, power and history. Always recognised as out of place, as strange and as strangers - as transitory and fleeting - suggesting another time, another state, and another sense of the world. Ghosts (and ghost-ships) operate beyond the known and the ordinary. They are messengers and mediators between worlds and forms of experience. These ghost-ships carry with them their cargo of story, memory and history.

Andy Warhol’s TV


October 2008


In 2006 Limbo founder Paul Hazelton found and bought Andy Warhol’s old Philco Predicta television set in a Margate second-hand shop called Style Counsel. A few months later Style Counsel closed, following a burglary.


For this project, LIMBO worked with Kate Jackson of Style Counsel to present Andy Warhol’s TV, a project that looked at Margate’s relationship with culture at a time when it was hoped that cultural improvements – led by the new Turner Contemporary arts centre – would help to reverse economic and social deprivation in the area.



Ship of Fools


July 2008


A multi-discipline art event, which was one of six projects based on one of Foucault's six principles of heterotopia. According to Foucault, heteratopias are 'actual existing utopias'. Whereas utopias are sites with no real space, Heteratopias are counter-sites that exist in real space. This was to be our focus for the year's programme of events.




May - June 2008


Following the recent arson attack on Margate's much-loved Scenic Railway, Limbo Arts has teamed up with the Save Dreamland Campaign to stage a community exhibition celebrating Dreamland's heritage and inviting the public to share their memories of the park.


The public were invited to come along to the Substation to help build the Dream Coaster, a huge wooden model made out of donated scrap timber and based on the layout of the Scenic Railway.


Margate Rocks - Sarah Craske & Stacy Keeler


The Womens’ Land Army

May 2008


A period of research activity, working with local archives, people and the local council culminating in a site specific installation at the substation.


Wig Sayell - Photographic artist Wig Sayell uses installation, experimental and early Victorian processes. Her work involves interacting with the landscape, often with pre-determined viewpoints.

Shell Ladies


April 2008

Ann Carrington


Ann Carrington won a competition to create signage for Old Town Margate and to help promote some of the town’s key features and attractions, including the Tudor House and Shell Grotto. She's built thirteen 7 ft shell ladies each named after a famous lady of Margate - from Baroness Orczy, who wrote 'The Scarlet Pimpernel', to Phyllis Broughton, the gaity girl.


The figures form part of a trail around Margate, ending at the famous Shell Grotto.There were also several workshops throughout the three months.


Click here for Ann's website.

Russell Terry - Artist in Residence


December 2007


For his residency and final exhibition, Russell created an ambitious 2.5M long and 1.65M high sculpture based on the form of the human brain. The brain is the most complex organ in the human body. It produces our every thought, action, memory and feeling, and shapes the way we experience the world. For Russell Terry, the human brain is a receptacle that is much larger than its physical size and has a compulsion to create extensions for itself. As thoughts are articulated or given form they are inevitably subject to change.


Russell also worked on large-scale drawings that played on this mutation of ideas. His motifs, often conjoined and repeated in code-like sequences and kaleidoscopic patterns, suggest a network of incomprehensible complexity. The resulting imagery, both spectral and scientific in appearance, interacted with the sculpture enigmatically, relaying varying notions of origin and permanence.

Hugging for the English

November 2007


A group exhibition that transcends the boundary between the viewer and the art work to the extent that without the viewer, much of the work would remain incomplete.


Many of the works and events were inspired by various different influences from within the town itself. Whilst it is situated in present day Margate, the nostalgic past is not forgotten. The exhibition hosted a variety of events during the two weeks, beginning with the Opening Events on Saturday the 17th


Artists: Sarah Christensen - Jodie Cooper, Dan Davies, Ben Fletcher, Victoria Foster, Lisa Hall and Siobhan McGhee.


Jungle Stow


October  2007


Like the natural jungle, Jungle Stow shifts and changes perspectives – an exhibition of complexity and evolution. Held in Limbo's storeroom where the artworks are vying for space amongst the debris of art paraphernalia, Jungle Stow initially demonstrated the work of nine artists, Adolf Adcock, Matthew de Pulford, Paul Hazelton, Catherine Herbert, Hannah Lees, Polly Read, Russell Terry, Cecile Wesolowski, and Pat Wilson. Throughout the show other artists were invited to contribute work, thereby feeding this ever-changing terrain.

Destructo Swarmbots/Action Beat/Sky:Lark

September 19 2007


Music event hosted by OUR BAND COULD BE YOUR LIFE, plus an Exhibition by the mysterious Adolf Adcock.


Hannah Lees

June - July 2007


The seaside town of Margate, the home of ‘Dreamland’, is one part shabby and redundant and the other, bright and tacky. Once a thriving town, boasting Dreamland amusement park and now reduced to penny machines and the now retired ‘Scenic Railway’ roller coaster; Margate has many endearing qualities, like a bright balloon slowly deflating to a wrinkled piece of plastic. With the proposed opening of the Turner Contemporary, perhaps this outmoded town will once again become prosperous.


Hannah Lees’ work explores the totemic potential of natural and synthetic objects in the modern world. See her residency blog for more information and images.

Stink Bomb

Open Exhibition

May 2007


Jokes and art can put up as many barriers as they break down. Stink Bomb, which launched on 1 April (a day traditionally set aside for practical jokes, pranks and hoaxes) was a platform for artists interested in exploring humour in their work. With Stink Bomb, Limbo’s aim was to produce a show that would engage with the audiences’ sense of humour while acknowledging and exploring the way that jokes and art create the fear of being the butt of the joke or not ‘getting it’.




New Art from the EU



Turner Contemporary takes on the Substation for one year to present its programme of exhibitions introducing the work of artists from the expanded European Union. These include Latvia Girts Korps, Czech Republic Jakub Hosek, Cyprus Nikos Charalambidis and Hungary Szabolcs KissPal.


IV projects by French Artists

Delphine Coinet



Part of a project organised by Turner Contemporary.





An evolving show across two sites in two districts – Substation Project Space, Margate and St Peters Church, Sandwich. A continuation of Abandon. Funded by Awards for all.

Braziers International Artists Residency

David Grenier 



As part of a pilot development initiated by Braziers International Artists Workshops and Arts Council South East, Limbo Arts Limited, together with Outfitters Gallery and associated group Crate, was selected to host an international artists residency. As a visitor to the area, from Canada, David explored notions of visibility and invisibility

Margate Rocks



Thanet contemporary art festival

Whitstable Biennale ‘Violent Incident’


12-monitor piece by Bruce Nauman

and a new work by Belgium artist Leo Copers



The Substation also became a venue for Justin Carter’s Sustainable Indulgence, a solar powered portable structure for producing, preserving and distributing ice cream. In Alastair Sooke’s report for the Telegraph he describes the Substation as: “a brooding brick structure down a backstreet. To approach, you pass among bin bags tossed out of the back of adjoining fast food restaurant and squelch through small pools of orange chicken fat. The building’s interior is a revelation, a scaled-down replica of London’s Tate Modern. Recent artists to have exhibited include Bruce Nauman, the latest to take up the challenge of filling Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall..."

Conversion of Energy



An educationally based-project for the interior substation space - complementing and using Martin Richman’s light work as inspiration. Sound artist, Leo Sedgley and visual artist, Alinah Azadeh explore with eight young people from Hartsdown Technology College, Margate how Martin’s light work could be converted into a different sound and visual language. Funded by Creative Partnerships Kent.


The aim of the project was to teach how to convert energy, how to convert ideas into activity, how to transcribe one art form into another, how to analyse and interpret, how to collaborate and how to interact creatively with space. We also invited Paris based drummer, Tommy Snyder to give performances and workshops (support from Roland UK)



Martin Richman



Architectural light intervention for Substation exterior space. With Funding from ACESE and support from Dominic Berning, London. The aim of this project was to attract the public to a previously “no go” area, help make people aware of the Substation’s existence and develop audiences in the Thanet area.


Martin’s work varies from small to large-scale public art projects, private commissions, architectural interventions and design work to pieces for gallery exhibitions. Since 1990 Martin has worked on 36 major projects including the Ten Millennium Beacons for Bristol City Centre and highly commended collaboration with architect Ray Perry for Tyseley Energy From Waste Facility in Birmingham, which received an RSA award. Martin has recently collaborated with artist, Tony Cooper creating a light work for the façade of BBC Broadcasting House redevelopment in London.





Evolving group show. The Substation is in constant flux, between being occupied and abandoned. The artist must abandon him or her self to the space and then finally abandon the space leaving it to some other occupancy. The Abandon project was conceived as a way to provide the opportunity for many artists to respond to the space. With support from Video Art Bankside.

Direct + Current


Artists: Ruth Cutler, Gavin Bush, Helen Silverlock



Inaugural exhibition and launch of the substation. A site-specific work exploring the past life of the Substation - the physical building, its past use and the community that worked there. Funded by ACESE with support from EDF Energy, Thanet District Council, Insight Presentation Systems, Video Art Bankside.


Limbo 2010