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Blister Cinema

Genetic Moo Tracer 2015

Genetic Moo

13 & 19 June, 2015


Family Open Day: Sat 13 June, 10am-4pm

Closing Party: Fri 19 June, 6-9pm


Free entry, all welcome!



This June, Genetic Moo are converting LIMBO into an interactive film set.

Genetic Moo have been commissioned by Animate Projects to make a short film about inflammation. Working with scientist Dr Neil Dufton, they have created Blister Cinema: a series of interactive artworks where your body takes on the role of a human immune cell or an invading bacteria. Throughout this residency, groups of dancers, movers and shakers have been invited into Blister Cinema to generate mini-performances for film.

Blister Cinema will open to the public on the following days:

Saturday 13 June, 10 to 4pm : Family Open Day
Come and explore a fantastic journey inside the body. You can play with the horse fly, crush infected cells and dance with swirling plasma.

Friday 19 June, 6 to 9pm : Closing Party

Send interactive agents cascading around the space as you join forces with others in the Battle of Blister. There will be free food, drink and an inflamed DJ.

Free entrance
All welcome!

Blister Cinema is part of Silent Signal, an Animate Projects commission supported by the Wellcome Trust

For more on the Blister Cinema's progress visit:
For more on the Silent Signal commission visit:


Genetic Moo have been creating individual interactive art works for over 6 years. They create Microworlds, digital ecosystems and living installations that are always changing, mutating, and evolving in front of your eyes. Both gained Masters degrees from the Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts. They have exhibited extensively in galleries, festivals and museums.




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 Part of Silent Signal, an Animate Projects commission supported by the Wellcome Trust.


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